Casablanca Tramway Runs the First Service

General Manager of Yapı Merkezi Özge Arıoğlu and Vice General Manager of Implementation Naim İşli visited our Casablanca Tramway Project construction site between the 23rd and 25th of May. On the first day of visits, general situation and progress of works were discussed in a meeting held with Casablanca Tramway Zone 3 construction site management.

On the second day, a meeting was held with Youssef Draiss, General Manager of Casablanca Transport en Site Aménage SA, the Principal of Tramway Project. At the end of the meeting, Draiss expressed his satisfaction with the Yapı Merkezi’s works and Özge Arıoğlu thanked Draiss for their support for the duration of the project.

After the meeting, Yapı Merkezi team visited Technoparc Station and CDM (Centre de Maintenance) region that are being constructed in the site. Casablanca Tramway opened its doors to Yapı Merkezi team with this visit and the first service was run in the line. Local people showed great attention to Yapı Merkezi team and Casablanca tramway in the service run in Sidi Moumen route. Following the first service, in the meeting held in the Zone 1 construction site, Arıoğlu thanked each of the project team members for their devoted works.


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