The Second Tramline of Casablanca

The second tramline to be realized in the Moroccan city of Casablanca is the continuation of the first tramline realized by Yapı Merkezi between 2010 and 2013. Following the success of the first tramline, Yapı Merkezi was awarded the prize of “Worldwide Project of the Year” by LRTA. The high performance demonstrated by Yapı Merkezi in the First Tramline of Casablanca has played a considerable role in the award of this second tramline project to Yapı Merkezi. 

With the tender results being officially declared in March 2016, the total project duration is 29 months for the realization of the following main work items in the scope of the project: 

Platform length: 14.633 meters

Number of Stations: 20 stations

Intersections: 25 intersections

Storage and Maintenance Workshops: 1 Storage and 1 Maintenance Workshop

Engineering Structures: Intersection with the First Tramline, 1 bridge, slab on pile. 

The Extension within the second tramline project will begin from the Facultés Station to reach the Storage Building. And the second tramline itself will begin at the intersection of Ain Diab Anoual/Abdel Moumen in the east, to arrive at Sidi Bernoussi. 



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