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Köksal Anadol

M. Arch.

Köksal Anadol was born in 1938 in Bergama. Having completed his training studies in Stuttgart, Germany, he has graduated from İstanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (today Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) in 1963. Later, in the same school, he has worked as research assistant to Prof. Sedad H. Eldem for 6 years and as teaching assistant for 2 years. Besides his educational responsibilities, he has provided professional and managerial contributions to over 10 of Professor Eldem's works on traditional Turkish Architecture. He has also directed the research excavations at Topkapı Palace İncili Kiosk and Fenerbahçe Mansion on behalf of the Professor.

In 1965, he has founded Yapı Merkezi together with Ersin Arıoğlu. Since 1969, he has been working as Vice Chairman in most of the Yapı Merkezi Companies.

Works started on engineering, architecture, design, research&development in Yapı Merkezi, have been diversified in time and following the foundation of the first main company Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc., a total of 14 companies, active in the fields of prefabrication, tourism, mining, industrial production, finance, education and media have been reached.

Meanwhile, the amount of works completed by the main company Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc. both as designer-consultant and as contractor have totaled 30 million sqm.

These works include transportation systems (stations, viaducts, bridges, etc.), power plants, industrial estates and buildings, mass housing projects and other general purpose facilities and restoration projects. Köksal Anadol has provided contributions in the realization of the architectural designs of most of these works.

His professional areas of expertise include traditional Turkish Architecture, prefabricated building systems, architecture of stations and engineering structures in transportation systems, earthquake resistance performance in buildings, restoration-renovation works and general architectural design. He has represented our country on behalf of Turkish Earthquake Committee in international seminars and symposiums organized by UNESCO in Paris and Athens. He has published the restoration works of the Damat İbrahim Paşa Külliyesi (an Ottoman religious and educational facility) in Nevşehir in a book.

He has over 75 publications within Yapı Merkezi, 30 of which have been published under his name only.

In addition to his memberships in professional chambers (Scientific Committe Member of UIA 2005-Istanbul of Chamber of Architects and Presidency of Turkish Prefabrication Association, member of the Board of the Federation of Building Products Manufacturers, etc.) and he has served as the vice-chairman of foundations such as TAÇ and SANAYİ-İ NEFİSE VAKFI which have been founded specially for the preservation of our cultural heritage. He is also a member of The National Trust in England.

Köksal Anadol is married and has two children, three grand children. He speaks English, French and German.



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