To Accelerate “The Development” with Railway Networks...

On June 5th Saturday, Hürriyet Newspaper published a report - written by Serkan Demirtaş - about China, giving message of its strategic plans. In the report it is emphasized that Chinese railway networks must be increased in cooperation with infrastructure, trade and finance. In the report; it is also stated that more cooperation in areas such as infrastructure, trade and finance, transfer of experience in development strategies, reproducing railway and road networks are necessary factors to develop  the interaction among the people of the region and trade environment. (click here to access the report) 

On the occasion of this report, we would like to share the speech of Yapı Merkezi Holding Chairman Ersin Arıoğlu which was given in 1st International Cooperation Platform on 3-4th December, 2010. 4 years ago he did the same analysis and said “cooperation might begin with the linking of existing railways. With this, economic development will be accelerated. If the region countries bind strongly, as early as possible, they will be able to solve long term impacts of energy problems.” 

We believe Ersin Arıoğlu’s analysis would be useful in your projects, if you are interested please click here to access the full text.



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